Sunday, November 20, 2011

Virtual photography?

Since I couldn't find anything interesting to photograph in the past couple of days( well I did take some photos of a small block of ice! :) ), an idea popped in my head. I remembered that in Garry's Mod ( a Half-Life 2 modification), I can arrange things as I do in the real world and I also benefit from a few post processing tools such as a simple Depth of Field simulator. And I also have a very versatile focal range camera that could make real world photographers envy.

So I assumed the role of Gordon Freeman and went with Alyx on a short photo shooting session. We found a cool cave in gm_skylife and took photos:

I would have tried to make different expressions on Alyx's face, but unfortunately the face poser seems to be broken and if I modify the intensity just a bit the face starts looking weird.

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