Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unbelievable photographing technology

A new fantastic piece of technology appeared, that is available for buying. It's a tiny box that does not resemble at all with what the industry has familiarized us. This tiny thing is called "Lytro" and it's actually a camera that takes pictures in a special way...

It's probably so tiny because it doesn't need all the optical equipment a traditional camera has. It doesn't feature focusing. How surprising! You actually get to take the photo and focus after that! That's what's unbelievable. It works because the camera doesn't record only the light hitting its lenses, it records the entire lightfield in the front of it.

You can read more about the science of this technology here.

The price is not so tiny by comparison, but it's acceptable, since it's such a unique method of capturing memories that can literally come alive when you play with the focus later. There are 2 models, with different colors. The first one can take up to 350 pictures(8 Gb) and costs 399$. The second has a 16gb storage capacity and can take up to 750 photos, costing 499$.

There's a gallery of photos that have adjustable focus. It's really fun and exciting to examine photos this way!

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