Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I looked through my stuff and found a very old(probably about 14-15 years) Sega Mega Drive 2, on which I used to play(mostly mario) as a kid. Near it I also found 2 cartridges...(the only 2 I ever had, but as an added bonus, the Sega drive came with its own games....). For some reason I decided to shoot a photo of the cartridge, striped from its oversized casing. In low lighting conditions, it look like something old and unuseful.

Old technology

Also I made a photo of a solar lamp in the dark, trying to emphasize the effect of the light passing through the transparent piece of plastic. I might have done it wrong with the warm colors, probably a blueish-mauve tone could've worked better.

Storing the Sun- The solar lamp

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