Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little bit of nature and fun

I went for a stroll, and arrived near a spring with cold, crystal fresh water, at the base of a mountain. While I was quenching my thirst, I noticed a stork changing leg positions on an abandoned pole.
I took the camera and took a few shots. In on of them, the stork was looking at me:

Fashionable stork

Just like in a real fashion presentation, its feet are not too comfortable it seems!
After that, I turned my eyes to the ground and took a few pictures with wet leaves and grass. I always love how pure the water drops look when seen up close.

The brilliance of the fine crystal drops

Water drops on the soft leaf

It's boring to sit in the same place and try to take photos of the same subjects. So I left the place and went at the river, taking there some pictures:

Summer feel

I had fun taking some splashing water photos. Would be awesome to make some macro with the water still in its vertical motion, but it's really hard.

Vertical ripples


When I came back, along the river bank, I took a photo of some nut tree leaves too. Yeah, it's heavily edited to make it look a bit better:

Nut leaves

Going even further, I almost stepped on an earth warm crossing the path. I lowered myself at ground level and took a macro shot of it.
As it turns out, something quite gross was happening: 2 warms were sucking nutrients from the poor earth worm.

Infested Earth Worm

I thought it'd be nice to film its odd movements. All this time, until I arrived home, I thought those pulsating things were only a leaf moving under the pulsating skin.

Well, have a fun day guys!

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