Friday, November 12, 2010

Umm.. History of what?

Of light. Oh well, I know it's not an original name, but I had to come up with something!
It started from the idea that everything I capture on camera, is history.

What exactly is light? A short search on Wikipedia will reveal what it is, from a scientific point of view:

Light is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye (in a range from about 380 or 400 nanometres to about 760 or 780 nm).
What we see is very little of what it is...
 Isn't it fascinating to think about how much we can't see but we, intelligent humans, have created special equipment to deal with each of the electromagnetic radiation? And the fact that what we see is very little from what it is...
So my passion, photography, is actually just capturing the light and make it look like something new, creative, fun, beautiful.

Light is an energy that, if it won't hit an object that is not reflective, will travel forever. You see, there's a difference between "light" and what we actually see. If we were to see only pure light, we would probably only perceive colors. What we do see is a reflection of the environment(also in the form of light, but altered). Reflections give us plenty of information so we can survive, and in addition it also inspires us and it is a type of entertainment.

A reflection informs us about the current state of an object- if it's close enough- or the past state of an object - if it's really far away, like observing the Universe for example. So that means that taking a picture is truly only painting that reflection forever, and thus- store an information about the state of objects at a point in time. That is history.
Light is thus an ancient story teller that will continue to tell stories until the last reactions that produce light in the Universe will have ended. Then the history will be over, at least from light's point of view :).

Oh, by the way, I don't have special equipment. My tool is a Nikon P100, which is enough for me now(altough I feel the need for a DSLR).

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