Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello light!

I know, I should be using the overused term "hello world"... so popular among thousands of  programming tutorials. But since this will be a blog about photography(and possibly filming), I prefer saying hello to the light- the phenomenon that makes it possible to read these words, and thus, to exist in the perception of readers...

But I won't philosophize right now, as this is just a welcome post( and a test one too, so I can tweak the blog a bit). As for the name of the blog... I'll talk about it later.
All you need to know is that I'm not a photographer. It's just that photography is a passion of mine. And I'm a beginner- I probably won't ever go "pro", but it's fun to capture moments... that become history.

Oh boy, I almost forgot to include a photo in this post(would've been a ridiculous beginning for such a blog, heh?).
That's my kitty :).

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  1. This is a test comment. It's me, the author of the blog.