Monday, January 23, 2012

Auto Art

Yesterday I discovered quite a cool program. It's an application that takes an input image and transforms it into a painting, according to the parameters you set. The interesting fact is that it's not really the same thing like applying special filters in advanced editing software like GIMP or Photoshop. This program actually PAINTS. And it's really good at it. It's fascinating to press the play button and watch it work. Oh and the more powerful your CPU is, the faster it paints :).

The name of this program is Dynamic Auto-Painter and you can try it for free, although it will add a watermark to the output painting. You can choose between several painting modes(or style, however you prefer it). I tried it too on one of my photos. Once you click "Start", it will run forever, displaying the amount of brushes applied until then, waiting for you to press "Stop". The more it runs, the more fidelity your final painting will have.

Here's the image I've experimented with:

And here are the output paintings, using different painting styles:

I am simply amazed by what this program can achieve. Of course, nothing like this matches a painting done manually, with passion.

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